Department of Economics

                     Russel Crowe as John Nash (Nobel Prize winner in Economics) in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ ………. Roy Harrod quoting Lewis Caroll in ‘Through the looking Glass’ puzzling over the need to run twice as fast to stay in the same place, a dilemma experienced by economies in the pursuit of growth. This is NOT film and prose, this is our Department of Economics at Wilson College, exposing our students to the awesomeness of Economics as a discipline.

                    We, in the Department of Economics, take great pride in guiding our students through the alleys of Micro and Macro Economics, Growth Economics and integrating it all into the World Economy. Care is taken to provide perspective to contribution made by various Economists in the Evolution of Economic Thought. Most importantly we guide students to equip themselves to deal with the Mathematical RIGOR that the study of Economics necessitates, with Econometrics and Certificate courses in quantitative skills being offered as options.

                      A Department well established by 1913, blessed by the presence of C.N. Vakil, H.L.Dantwala, V.K.R.V Rao, we are inspired to carry on the legacy.

To help our students to build proficiency in the subject, develop Quantitative skills and to eventually develop in each student (as per his/ her capacity) to take on the challenges of the changing world. We use a variety of ways like Films, Visits to NSE, Seminar activity (ARTHIKI) and invite Stalwarts to interact with our students, with the likes of Prof. Abhay Pethe (Academics), Niranjan Rajadhyaksha and Girish Kuber (Journalism) visiting us in the Wilson College Campus.

This enriching of the input quotient also helps buffing up the critical skills that our students acquire.