Political Science department believes in rigorous academic inputs and conversations inside and outside the classroom. The idea is to stimulate curiosity, sceptical thinking and extensive awareness about the world around us. 

Teaching techniques include 

  • Use of music and songs on political and other themes.
  • Multiple Map sessions covering Maharashtra, India and the world. 
  • Resource material from National and International magazines and journals. 
  • Use of Smart Phones and Search Engines.
  • Special annual events of the department 
  • We also host various events in the department. A few are as follows

  • Peace Day 6th August 
  • Staff Students debates on Contentious issues. 
  • Human Rights week 10th to 15th December. 
  • Unique features of the department. 
  • One day and week-long Field Visits. 
  • Active Political Science Association with an elected committee. 
  • Annual Year Book
  • Syllabus


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