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The Psychology department of Wilson college offers 6 papers in psychology at TY level under the curriculum of Mumbai University. The Psychology lab facilitates learning of cognitive constructs and basics of research. Equal emphasis is given on theory as well as application in order to build competent, holistic and upright professionals.



Ms. Darshana Sunil Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Qualifications:Qualified NET exam in 2017, Masters in Clinical Psychology (Mumbai university 2017), B.A. Psychology (Ruia college, Mumbai 2015)
Research Interest: Cognitive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Mental health etc.
Short Biography: I am a teacher because teaching makes me happy. I believe teaching is not about reproducing the facts; it's about teaching how to think about and analyze those facts.
It is about developing skills, critical thinking and creative thinking in students. Along with explaining classic theories, I put equal emphasis on keeping students updated with most the current research.
I strive to nurture their curiosity and ignite in them, a keen interest for the subject.

Joshua Tivade

Assistant Professor

TEACHING CAREER : JANUARY 2018 Qualifications: Graduate in MA in Counselling Psychology from Mumbai University of Applied Psychology and Counselling Centre, Graduate in BA Psychology from National College, Graduate in BA in English Literature from Wilson College.
Research Interest: Counselling, Cognitive and Positive Psychology
Short Biography: I enjoy teaching the subject in depth while making it relatable to students.
Many believe that Psychology is a “difficult subject" and I like to bridge the gap by simplifying concepts, having discussions and catalyzing the students analyses of the topic.
College is also an excellent place to build good habits and I believe that we are in a position to facilitate that change in students.

Dr. Harsha Badkar

HOD, Associate Professor

TEACHING CAREER : JUNE 1985 Qualifications: HOD, Associate Professor.
B A, M A and MPhil in Philosophy, Doctorate in Gandhian Philosophy
Research Interest: Gandhian Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Social and Political Philosophy.
Short Biography: " Presented Papers at various national and international conferences and seminars. Was One of the Secretaries of The Bombay Philosophical Society Invited as the resource person for the lecture series on Inter-religious Dialogue.
Have contributed a chapter on Hinduism in the book edited by Dr. Zeenat Ali on ‘The Legacy of India’. Published an article on ‘Concept of Universal Religion in Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi’ in an International Journal by Annals of the University of Craiova- Philosophy Series.
Actively participated in the activities of the organization involved with the removal of superstitions. Currently, the member of the Board of Studies of Wilson College, the convener of the attendance committee and the appellate officer under RTI.
Last 33 years, tried my level best to give my full self to all the duties that I have been assigned by the authority. Moreover, I enjoy the company of my students and try to motivate them to do their best both in their exams as well as life in general "

John Wilson Education Society's Wilson College has a long standing history. Founded by Dr. John Wilson, the founder of Bombay University, in the year 1832. Wilson College has a NAAC "A" Accreditation since 2005.

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