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The College Library


The College Library

Wilson College library is amongst the oldest in Mumbai Colleges. With a collection of more than 80,000 books, periodicals and journals of national and international repute, it has served the academic community. The CD and DVD section also is fast expanding. Amongst its treasures are Abu Faizal’s Akbarnama, almost all volumes of the Oriental Christian Spectator which was started by Dr. John Wilson, books written on and by Dr John Wilson, issues from the very first edition of the Wilsonian in 1909 and several volumes of the Calendar of the University of Bombay dating from 1864.

It’s Services Include:

  • Home Issue Of Books To Staff And Students.
  • Reference Section With A Variety Of Books On Music, Archaeology, Art, Culinary Delights, Astronomy, Philosophy, Wild Life And Science.
  • Open Section Counter For Referencing Syllabi Related Text Books.
  • The Book Catalogue Is Available On-Line On Computers Which Students Can Refer.
  • Reprographic (Xeroxing) Facility.
  • Open From 8 Am To 6 Pm.

The College Canteen

The Wilson College Canteen, situated on the ground floor of the New Building, is a favourite hangout for students where they take a break and come back to class with a well nourished body and mind. A variety of tasty dishes are available relished equally by the students and the staff.

College Canteen
College Canteen


The College has well maintained separate rooms that provide personal space for boy and girl students. Boys’ Common Room is situated near the College Hall in the old building whereas Ladies‘ Common Room is situated next to the Canteen in the new building. Locker facilities are available in the Ladies’ Common Room.

Ladies Common Room (LCR)
Ladies Common Room (LCR)
Boys Common Room (BCR)
Boys Common Room (BCR)

The College Hall

The College Hall, an imposing Domestic Gothic structure on the Marine Drive, is part of the College building which was inaugurated on March 10, 1885 by the then Bombay Governor and Chancellor of the University of Bombay, His Excellency the Right Honourable Sir James Ferguson. Various College events including the College Fests and Seminars are held in this historic structure.

The College Hall
The College Hall

The AV and Mini AV Room

The Room No 108, also known as Dr. Taylor Audio Visual Room, is so named because it was designed by Dr Taylor, an eminent physicist who collaborated with Dr Homi Bhabha. It has been refurbished with state of the art audio-visual equipment and has a seating capacity of 150-200 students. Lectures by distinguished speakers as well as academic, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are held here. The mini AV Room is Room No 116, which can be used for Audio-visual presentations for smaller student groups of 20-30.

The AV Room
The AV Room

The Chapel

The Chapel is at the centre of the spiritual life of the college and its quiet beauty and prayerful atmosphere has been a blessing to many. The Chapel has a communion table donated by the family of Dr Mackichan, the beautiful screen at the entrance with the words ‘Enter into His gates with thanksgiving’ on one side and ‘Lo, I am with you always’ on the other, and a carved reading desk hand-made by a retired army officer from Lauder ( birthplace of Dr John Wilson in Scotland ) who had served in India. The Chapel is open during the college hours for private prayer and meditation. Short prayer services that include Hymns and Scripture reading are conducted every day during the Degree College morning recess and the Junior College afternoon recess. Special services are held during Christmas as well as at the beginning and at the end of the academic year. The Chapel also provides counselling services.

The Graduating Service

The Graduating Service, held at the end of the academic year for the final year students, is a unique event when prayers and good wishes are offered to them in the Chapel. The service is often referred as the occasion to ‘recharge one’s batteries’ where many Wilsonians have drawn inner strength to get ready to face the challenges that life brings as they leave the college portals to step into the wider world. Students then gather in the College Hall to share their feelings and experiences of their Alma Mater.

The College Gymkhana

In 1909, a plot of land was acquired on the Kennedy Sea Face on which a pavilion for Gymkhana was built in 1916. Thus, the Gymkhana building completes 100 years in the year 2016. The College Gymkhana on the Marine Drive meets the requirements of all outdoor games like Football, Volleyball, Cricket and Badminton. Facilities for indoor games like Chess, Carom, and Table Tennis are also available. The sports coaches put in dedicated efforts to train the best possible teams for various sports events. The sincerity and commitment of our boys and girls have resulted in some winning performances. The Gymkhana activities instil the values of discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability in the young students. Physical fitness, active participation and outstanding performance of our sportsmen in different games have brought glory to our college at the national and international levels.

Some of the sports persons who played for Wilson are the Khadilkar sisters –Vasanti, Jayshree and Rohini who played Chess at national and international levels and the test cricketer Dilip Sardesai. There are many others who have made their mark at state, national and international levels in various sports.

Apart from the Gymkhana on the Marine Drive, there are spaces in the College Campus like the Basket Ball Court, the Quadrangle and the McKenzie Auditorium which can be used for multiple purposes including sports.

The College Hostels

Mackichan Hall, a Hostel for Boys

Mackichan Hall completed 100 years in the year 2014, and has catered to the needs of thousands of Wilson College students for a century. The residents have found it not only a comfortable home during their college stay but also a training ground to mould them into successful and well rounded human beings.

Dr. Dugald Mackichan, the founder of Mackichan Hall, was also principal of Wilson College from 1884 – 1920 and four times Vice Chancellor of the Mumbai University (then Bombay University). He arrived in India in 1874 just before the death of Dr. John Wilson in 1875. Dr. Mackichan was associated with Wilson College for over 47 years.

Mackichan Hall has always tried fulfiling the spirit and glorious mission ingrained in the Hostel motto ‘From Darkness Lead Me to Light’.


  • The Hostel Has Accommodation In The Form Of 46 Single Rooms, 5 Double Rooms And 5 Triple Rooms. Every Resident Is Given A Study Table, A Chair, A Cupboard And A Bed.
  • Mackichan Hall Mess Serves Vegetarian As Well As Non – Vegetarian Meals. The Kitchen Is Well Equipped With Modern Equipments And Is Clean And Hygienic.
  • Special Water Filters And Coolers Provide 24 Hour Supply Of Clean Drinking Water.
  • The Hostel Has A Gym Which Is Maintained And Kept In Good Condition By The Hostel Indoor Sports Secretary. The Hostel Has Many Other Indoor Games Facilities For Table Tennis, Carom And Chess.
  • Doctor: The Hostel Has A 24 Hour Doctor Associated With It. In Case Of Any Emergency, The Resident Is Shifted To A Hospital, Which Is Mere 2 Minutes Walk From The Hostel.

Pandita Ramabai Hostel for Girls

Pandita Ramabai Hostel is a hostel for outstation girls studying at Wilson College which completed 75 years in the year 2007. Built in 1932 and inaugurated by Lady Sykes, the wife of the then governor of Bombay, it is situated at a 5 minute walk from the College. It provides not only safe and secure accommodation for girl students but also has ample opportunities to showcase their talents and for their holistic development. The hostel Annual Prize Day is observed with much enthusiasm.


  • Rooms: The Hostel Provides Accommodation In The Form Of 20 Single Rooms, 5 Double Sharing Rooms And 8 Triple-Sharing Rooms And 1 Quadruple-Sharing Room. Residents Can Use Their Personal Electronic Appliances Which Consume Reasonable Electricity.
  • Security: Security Guards Are Employed During The Night And Hostel Security Is Employed During The Day.
  • Laundry Services Are Available.
  • Lockers On A Sharing Basis Are Available.
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