The College Library

Wilson College library is amongst the oldest in Mumbai Colleges. With a collection of more than 80,000 books, periodicals and journals of national and international repute, it has served the academic community. The CD and DVD section also is fast expanding. Amongst its treasures are Abu Faizal’s Akbarnama, almost all volumes of the Oriental Christian Spectator which was started by Dr. John Wilson, books written on and by Dr John Wilson, issues from the very first edition of the Wilsonian in 1909 and several volumes of the Calendar of the University of Bombay dating from 1864.

    It's services include:
  • Home Issue of books to staff and students.
  • Reference section with a variety of books on Music, Archaeology, Art, Culinary delights, Astronomy, Philosophy, Wild life and Science.
  • Open Section Counter for referencing syllabi related text books.
  • The book catalogue is available on-line on computers which students can refer.
  • Reprographic (Xeroxing) facility.
  • Open from 8 am to 6 pm.