Arts Circle

Arts Circle caters to the students of junior college by organizing various meaningful co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The list of Co-Curricular activities organized by Arts Circle are

  • “MUN” [Model United Nations]
  • There are two committees
  • UNGA – United nations General Assembly
  • UNHRC- United Nations Human rights Commission
  • Both these committees conduct sessions on various topics
  • Youth Parliament
  • Visit to RBI Monetary Museum

    Every year a trip is organized to the RBI Monetary Museum, which gives lots of information about evolvement of currency.

    Apart from this, eminent speakers who are specialist in their fields, are invited every year to deliver lecture on current topics.


    Science Circle

    Science Circle is the component of Junior College Science section of Wilson College, catering especially to F.Y.J.C Science students.

    Science Circle aims at developing student’s interest in various subjects of science as well as opening the windows for various aspects of constantly changing scientific world by carrying out various science and science related programs.

    The list of Activities organized by Science circle

  • “Wonder of Physics” program was conducted to show students applications of different fields of physics.
  • Visit to BNHS and TIFR is organized.
  • Screening of Science fiction movies
  • Eminent scientists are invited to deliver lecture on scientific topics.
  • Hindi Parishad

    Hindi parishad organizes literary and cultural activities keeping in mind students interests and inclination.

    List of activities organized by Hindi parishad

  • Program which promotes the Hindi language in the society.
  • Hindi Pakhwada, in which various activities like dance, music, art and writing contests are organized
  • Programs are organized to encourage students to read Hindi books and promote Hindi literature and knowledge. ”Kathakathan” is one such program in which stories of eminent writers are read.
  • Courses offered in Junior College

    ARTS (XI and XII)

  • English (compulsory)
  • 2nd Language (Hindi, Marathi)
  • OR

  • Information technology
  • Combination of 4 subjects are selected from the following list

    Subject code: -





    5- Political Science

    6- Philosophy

    7- Logic

    Subject Combinations

            1234 - Eco, Soc, Psy, Hist

            1235 - Eco, Sco, Psy, Pol-sc

            1345 – Eco, Psy, His, Pol-sc

            2457 – Soc, His, Pol-sc, Logic

            4567 – His, Pol-sc, Philo, Logic



  • English (compulsory)
  • 2nd Language (Hindi, Marathi)
  •                       OR

  • Information technology
  • Other compulsory subjects

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Note: Environmental studies and Physical education are compulsory subjects.

    Vocational subjects

    Wilson college offers vocational subjects

  • Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • Science students can opt for electronics or computer science instead of Biology and 2nd language.


    Faculty Members

    Physics Department

  • B.K.Mehta
  • H.Vijaywargi
  • M.R.Dube
  • U.D.Korde
  • S.Kate
  • A.K.L.Mishra
  • S.Patwa
  • T. A. Adhikari
  • Chemistry Department

  • S.T.Irani
  • N.Dhawan
  • Y.K.Parab
  • S.G.Pradhan
  • S.Masih
  • B.P.Nambidi
  • M.S.Tribhuwan
  • V.Ramchandra
  • Biology

  • S.N.Parab
  • Ms .A.S.Gadkar
  • A.Thakre
  • (Ms)M.Jayabhaye
  • Ms).Janaki Upadhayay
  • Aditee Adkar
  • Mathematics department

  • P.B.Joseph
  • L. Mascarenhas
  • English department

  • R.Malshe
  • K.Jairaj
  • Hindi department

  • Ms .S.Chauhan
  • P.S.Patwa
  • History

  • S.Rodrigues
  • Psychology

  • A. Bapat
  • Logic and Philosophy

  • P.Gala
  • Political Science

  • S. S. Acharya
  • Syllabus


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