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Mathematics Department

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1)Brief History
The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1836. It is one of the oldest departments of the college. The aim of the department is to provide an environment, where students can learn and become competent users of Mathematics and its applications. The dedicated faculty of the department strives towards the development of students to function as productive and holistic citizens.

2)Brief Introduction about the Subject and its Significance
Vision: To become a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research activities by bringing out the potential of students. Mission: To provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application. To contribute towards the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners and to continue to grow in their chosen professions to function as productive citizens.

About Mathematics:
Mathematics, considered to be the queen of science, is a subject which finds its applications almost everywhere. The concepts of mathematics are widely used in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science, Economics, Banking, Engineering etc. The department offers a full time B.Sc. Mathematics programme. We also encourage our students to attend various national level workshops to deepen their subject knowledge. Every year our students attend workshops like MTTS, ATM Schools, etc. The department also has a Maths Society with an aim to inculcate interest towards mathematics amongst the students and make students learn various concepts and applications of Mathematics with fun based games. In the previous years Maths Society has organised various interesting maths related events like MathaModulus, Logicana, Treasure Hunt, Poster Competitions, Guest Lectures, Quiz Competitions, Maths Exhibitions etc. 

3)Career Options for Students
A mathematics graduate has various career options like: Teaching in Colleges and Schools
Scientist/Researcher in ISRO, BARC and other top national and international institutions
Data Scientist/Data Analyst
Banking and Corporate

4)Department Email Address


1.Conduct of weekly test and continuous assessment of students performance.
2.Regular remedial lectures.
3.Fun group projects.
4.Parents Teachers meeting to keep the parents updated about their child’s performance.

Briji Jacob Chathely

Qualifications: M.Sc. in Mathematics, CSIR-NET, Mah-SET, GATE2018
Research Interest: Matrix Theory (Hadamard Matrices and Hadamard Codes)
Short Biography: A post graduate in Mathematics from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut, I am pursuing my PhD in Mathematics from University of Mumbai. My area of research is Matri Theory, precisely Hadamard Matrices and Hadamard Codes. I have published two research papers in Scopus Indexed and UGC recognized journals. I believe that to be a good teacher, one must be passionate towards teaching and compassionate towards students, apart from having strong subject knowledge. As a teacher, I strive to work to upgrade an average or a below average student to above average level.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Teena Thomas

Qualifications:CSIR-NET, PhD in Mathematics
Research Interest: Functional Analysis, Geometry of Banach spaces, Abstract approximation theory
Short Biography: After receiving a PhD degree in Mathematics from IIT Hyderabad in the year 2023, Dr.Teena joined the Department of Mathematics, Wilson College (Autonomous) as an Assistant Professor in the month of June, 2023. The details of her research publications can be found at the following link She believes teaching Maths at the undergraduate level is challenging as well as fun. She always aims to teach abstract concepts in Maths in an interesting way to students and enhance their critical thinking. 

Assistant Professor

Ms. Madhavi Singh

Qualifications: Msc in mathematics
Research Interest: Calculus.
Short Biography: After Graduated from Institute of Science (Dr.Homi Bhabha state university) in 2019. I have been teaching in Wilson College Currently, pursuing B.ED further I am planning for PhD in mathematics I have a true passion for working with our youngest learners. I strive to create a community of leaners that nurtures this growth in a positive way . I do enjoy teaching and like to spend time with students .

Assistant Professor

Ms. Surecta Dmello

Qualifications: Msc in mathematics
Research Interest: Numerical Analysis.
Short Biography: After post-graduation in mathematics from the Department of Mathematics, University of Mumbai, Kalina Campus, I joined Wilson College (Autonomous) in June 2023. Recently, I've completed a course of Master’s in Data Science with AI. I’m Aiming to pursue a PhD in Mathematics. I have always been passionate about students, and being a part of their entire process of learning and growing. I want to guide students not only in their curriculum but also in other spheres of their lives.

Assistant Professor

Sharanya BG

The Mathematics Department of Wilson College, Mumbai and the faculty left no stone unturned to shape one's future. Huge love and respect for entire faculty members of the Mathematics Department. As a student in the bachelor's in Mathematics, I gained critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities which helped me a lot in my career.

Year of Passing: 2022

Simran Kanoji

My name is Simran Kanojia, and I have absolutely adored my time with mathematics department at Wilson College! I came here for undergraduate and found the academics revolving around Mathematics extremely valuable for developing my career in this domain. I’m grateful to Wilson College’s mathematics department for actively inculcating the knowledge, and that to not just for the course purpose. The department have always been ahead for training us in such a way that we just don’t follow and gain the textual concepts but exposed us to real-life scenarios. We were offered an overall development around aptitude, logical analysis and event management. During the pandemic, the lectures were smooth enough; sufficient notes and study material were provided to us. Besides all of it enough extracurricular activities, programs and events were organised throughout the course to engage us besides studies, build certain skills and improvise learning. The quality from up skilling knowledge to the etiquette of the department’s teaching faculty towards their students have always been exceptional. In short, the relationship between the faculties and students was very cordial, which gave opportunities to excel in the area of interest. I am extremely grateful and extend my thanks to the faculty, the department and Wilson College for being a part of a successful, beautiful journey.

Year of Passing: 2022

Ballav Nikita Samarjit

A diverse and inclusive campus environment at Wilson has helped me to broaden my perspectives and learn from different viewpoints. The fact that Wilson College is situated right in the middle of Mumbai provides a wealth of possibilities to learn about the local culture. While attending college, one can create cherished memories and develop strong relationships with both teachers and peers, as I did. The variety of extracurricular activities and student organisations, including sports, cultural events, and clubs, provided me with opportunities to develop new skills, make friends, and engage in the community. The participation in the non-cooperative education programme has prepared me for future academic pursuits or career opportunities, and I am glad to have landed at my dream institution for further studies. Last but not the least this college also provided access to resources like career counselling, internships, and networking opportunities, which helped to develop professional skills and connect with potential employers.

Year of Passing: 2022

Alisha Rebello

To sum up my college experience of three years during undergraduation (2019 - 2022), would be a difficult task. I've had the time of my life, learning from best of the professors, volunteering for college and departmental fests, meeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds. I've gotten to learn so much and grown as a person here at this institute for which I'll forever be grateful.

Batch: 2019 - 2022

Glen Tribhuwan

My name is Glen Tribhuwan. I've completed my bachelor's degree in mathematics from Wilson College, Mumbai. I joined the college in the year 2019, and by 2022 I had graduated. The college journey was a rollercoaster for our batch because of the lockdown in the year 2020. Not even a single year had passed, and we had everything switched to online mode, right from classes to exams, which were conducted on virtual platforms. At first, it was difficult for everyone, but the professors encouraged students and made it possible to learn virtually. The math department's faculty members were friendly and would help students gain more knowledge on the subject. We had a lot of fun, not just with studies but also through college festivals, sports events, and much more. The holistic environment helps students overall development.

Year of Passing: 2022