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1)Brief History
Striving to keep up the tradition and legacy of enjoyable collaborative teaching-learning experience. The journey continues… Come join us!!! A young and vibrant department established in 1962, Department of Sociology encourages comprehensive understanding of the subject by drawing linkages across all the three years of undergraduate curriculum. Mrs. G. Noronha was the Head of the Department then. The Sociology Circle was formed during the headship of the Rev. Prof. Ashok N. Patet and several activities like group discussions, field visits and regular meetings were organized. Two monetary scholarships of Rs. 10,000/- each have been instituted in his memory, this academic year onwards. Over the years, the department has strived to provide continued support and exposure to the students through diverse activities such as guest lectures, seminars/webinars, group discussions, film/documentary screening, workshops, competitions etc, equipping them with the knowledge and the skills, both within and beyond classroom. 2)Brief Introduction about the Subject and its Significance
To strengthen the academic foundations of students in Sociology, equipping them with the tools of sociological imagination and theoretical perspectives to analyse the social reality; personal or public.
The Department of Sociology is committed to advancing the understanding of social phenomena through research, critical analysis and inclusive teaching. We strive to build a vibrant intellectual community who are inquisitive as well as empathetic, stepping forward to shoulder social responsibility.
By providing a collaborative and supportive academic environment, we aim to instil confidence in students to explore diverse perspectives, critique them and contribute meaningfully to the pursuit of knowledge and the improvement of society.
The study of Sociology encompasses the diversity of the human world starting from the basic principle that human life is social life. As human beings, we are constantly interacting with other human beings, right from the time we are born into a family, through school, work, and play. We spend our lives within an interwoven social arrangement. Sociology focuses on these arrangements, including how they are created, how they change, and how they impact our lives, opportunities, and options. The focus can be trivial, or it can be much larger. It can include families, communities, cities, and even nations and the world at large, or relationships and interactions among all. Additionally, virtual social worlds such as those existing on the Internet are also included in Sociological studies. A Sociological look at the world provides several unique benefits and perspectives:
Provides an understanding of social phenomena, issues and patterns of behaviour.
Helps us understand the workings of the social systems within which we live our lives.
Helps us understand why we perceive the world the way we do.
Helps us understand why and how society changes.
Provides us theoretical perspectives within which to frame these understandings and research methods that allow us to study social life scientifically.
Developing a sociological lens toward social problems and developing rigorous research skills that opens many careers doors.
3)Career Options for Students
A judicious mix of theoretical and applied courses offered at undergraduate level provide firm foundation and knowledge not only of the subject and contemporary issues but also of a wide range of career opportunities. In addition to teaching and research, jobs as clinical sociologists, health planners, policy framers are common avenues open for them. Sociology is an excellent preparation for jobs in varied fields including advertising, banking, business, education, government, journalism, law, public relations and social work. Irrespective of whether one takes a few courses in Sociology or completes a degree, the learner gets equipped with critical thinking skills. Training in Sociology enables the learner to analyse, interpret and function within a variety of working situations - an asset required in virtually any career. Some of the fields of specialization within Sociology are Social Gerontology, Collective Behaviour/ Social Movements, Community/ Rural Sociology, Criminology, Cultural Sociology, Demography, Environmental Sociology, Medical Sociology, Human Ecology, Human Resource Development, Industrial Sociology, Sociology of Leisure, Sociology of Sports, Research Methodology - both Qualitative and Quantitative, Political Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Everyday Life, Sociology of Gender and the list goes on….
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Teaching-learning experience can never remain bound within classroom. The Department is proactive in organizing webinars, seminars, workshops, talks, documentary screenings and group presentations and discussions wherein students get exposed to diverse perspectives and sharpen their analytical and critical thinking skills. In addition, the Department organizes competitions such as poster-making, slogan-making, quiz, poetry, essay writing etc. on topics/themes/days of social relevance that brings out their creative and imaginative skills as well. We take pride in our student volunteers for their efforts and support in organizing such events.

.Best Practices
Collaborative series and workshops on Gender and other discipline specific themes each year.
Encourage learners to be vocal and enthused and participate in various curricular, co-curricular extra -curricular activities.

Mrs. Muneerah Naushad Khambhawala

Head of Department

Qualifications: M.A., M. Phil, SET.
Short Biography: Ms. Muneerah is dedicated, approachable and enthusiastic with a strong commitment towards holistic development of the students. She consistently strives to hone analytical thinking skills among students by providing opportunities for self-exploration and research within and outside classroom. She uses teaching-learning techniques that enable students to connect their learning with contemporary societal issues and events. Teaching Sociology & Anthropology
Member of University Syllabi framing Committee
Chairperson/Paper setter for University examinations
Convenor/Member of various committees at Wilson College
Life member of Indian Sociological Society
Active participation in National/International Conferences & Seminars and research endeavours
Involved in voluntary social service
Area of Specialization: Theoretical Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Work

Assistant Professor

Ms. Clara Fernandes

Qualification: SET, M.A (Honours) in Sociology
Short Biography: Ms. Clara is an ardent and conscientious teacher with an allegiance for educating today’s youth. Her goal is to create academically engaging learning experiences for the students through an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, and kindness. Her interest is to make the subject more relevant and engaging for learners. She is committed to empowering students to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. She has an active participation in Seminars, Webinars and has presented a paper at a National Conference and Research Scholars Meet. Area of Specialization: Gender studies, Rural and Urban societies, Development studies and Informal sector.

Assistant Professor

Testimonies of some of our Alumni:

1.Ms.Doris Rao (Year of passing: 1985)

Chief Educationist, Ambuja Group of Schools & Corporate Communication Head, Ambuja Cements.
Comment: As quoted “Graduated in 1985 in Sociology with amazing professors like the late Mrs Nimkar and Mr Ashok Patet. They made Sociology so relevant to our lives and its application to future academics. Their teachings nudged my interests and paved the way to choose my next steps in academics and my career. Ever grateful not just to the department but also to the many co-curricular activities that college encouraged us to participate. All this and more leaves behind only happy memories and time well spent in the calming environs of Wilson college.”

2)Mr.Ivan John (Year of passing: 1989)

Faculty, Sophia College & Member of the Board of Studies for Higher Secondary level in Maharashtra.
Comment: As quoted “I joined Wilson College as an FYJC Arts student in June 1984 and graduated in Sociology in 1989. My years at Wilson have been the most memorable, impactful and happiest years of my life this far. I was most fortunate to have had Revd. Prof Ashok Patet (then HOD) as my mentor, friend and guide; and professors Savita Nimkar, Nina Haeems and Reena Agarwal as very significant influencers. The value of meaningful questioning was built into our systems and this facilitated fantastic discussions in class and on campus too. The Final Year B.A. (Sociology) was my best year and a large graduating batch with over 60 students was well-bonded. The most impactful modules include: Conflict Theory, Gender and Society, a critical appraisal of Positivism and few topics in the Sociology of Education. These ideas have lived with me and encouraged me to pursue teaching as a career. I’ve been teaching Sociology since 1991; for my PhD I worked on the Gay Movement in Mumbai. I continue as a Member of the Board of Studies in Sociology for Higher Secondary level in Maharashtra. I am passionate about issues around gender equality and Queer Rights. I am presently pursuing doctoral research in the area of Gender Inclusion in Education. My love for Wilson College has never ended; it is a joy to be continuously associated with my alma mater even today.”

3) Adv. Nancy R Tavaria, BA. LLB. (Year of passing: 2005)

Comment: As quoted “Graduating in Sociology has broadened my scope to the various areas of law and human resources (end to end recruitment-on boarding process). Completing my bachelor’s degree in Sociology and getting on to successfully completing my double graduation studies with Bachelor of Law (LL. B) has given me an opportunity to experience, learn, grow and build greater networks with various sectors in India and Australia. Sociology has widened my horizons wherein I can utilize my learning’s and connect for society’s well-being, regulations and laws that govern and help society to be safe and crime free. An advocate by profession (specialization areas in Intellectual Property, ADR and Cyber-laws), associated closely with ILA (International Legal Alliance - a network for lawyers). Currently working with the world’s oldest The Yoga Institute as a Human Resource professional.”

4) Ms.Ashvi Jain (Year of passing: 2019)

Comment: As quoted “Sociology not only teach us about the society we live in but also how it works and what all one person has to go through. The subject as a whole can change your perspective towards human society and life. Choosing Sociology as my major was one of the good decisions I had made. It gave me opportunity to learn more about the issues people had. Sociology as a subject has helped me a lot to see the world with open eye. Learning the subject made me believe that if we work hard, we can change; try to change the system and the society for the good. After majoring and mastering in the subject now I am planning for law. Law because to help the needy and work for the society. I am thankful to the college and the Department of Sociology for giving us the insight of the society.”

5) Ms.Ankita Lokhande (Year of Passing: 2021)

Comment: As quoted “As I’m writing this, the sweet nostalgia of the most exciting and challenging year of my Graduation hits me. Exciting because apart from the curriculum I got to learn a lot. And challenging, because it was the first time, I had experienced online education. I would like to thank the professors- Ms. Muneerah Khambhawala, Ms. Ayeshna Dutta and Ms. Treasa Francis for being an inspiration for me to become a good person above all. Be it regular lectures, online celebration of Teacher’s Day, or events organised by the Department of Sociology, I only got to grow and learn new things. I would like to mention the time when the Sociology Department conducted a week- long event on the occasion of International Women's Day, where me and my friends- Kinjal and Annmaria were in the Organisation Team. From contacting resource persons to conduct sessions, encouraging participation, to successfully completing the event, we got an exposure to the fields of Team Management and Time Management. Majoring in Sociology, was actually the last-minute decision for me. But I can proudly say, it was the best decision in my life. The overview of Human Resources in learning about how the corporate world works as a society, got me to be an intern in the domain of HR currently and I am just a few steps away from successfully becoming a part of HR department in the corporate world. As much as I thank my professors, friends and colleagues from the Department of Sociology, it would never be enough for they all have helped me to become the person I am today. Although the time has long gone, memories still are fresh and I would always be proud of being a student of TY batch 20-21 of the Department of Sociology.”

6.Ms.Ann Maria Philip (Year of Passing: 2021)

Comment: As quoted “The Sociology Department at Wilson College helped me grow as an individual and also complement my potential with the knowledge that I gained here at this institution. With dedicated faculty and path-breaking discussions I’ve experienced everything here, and it is truly my honour of having graduated from this institute. The resources and study materials that the students are provided is extensive and easily accessible which is rare to find. During the pandemic too, the teaching staff - Ms. Muneerah Khambhawala and Mrs. Treasa Francis made sure that they make the students feel welcomed and supported us, while also ensuring that none of us are left behind! Thank-you Sociology Department of Wilson College – you’ve gifted us the best!”

7.Ms.Saima Shaikh (Year of Passing: 2021))

Comment: As quoted “Sociology was a very new subject for me when I had applied in my F.Y.B.A. I just thought let’s give it a try, sounds interesting. It was exactly that! Very interesting. I’ve seen myself develop as a person, quite literally! This subject doesn’t teach you simply about society, but it teaches you acceptance, how people should be accepted, regardless of their background, how equality is the key to a better future! From a judgemental person, I’ve become an accepting person only because of what I’ve learnt in this subject. It has changed my world view and how to fight for women’s rights, for people’s rights and I’m glad to have learnt this. My teacher Mrs Muneerah Khambhawala has played a pivotal role in ensuring that we learn the most, and we do it in a conducive environment with excellent ppts, have to say!! Nobody makes better and more interesting PowerPoint presentations than her. So thankful!”